Thank you & CONGRATULATIONS to our October 2017 New Participants for helping to make this another Great Success!!!! Welcome to the FAS-N Family!!

FREEMAN Ancestral Survival Network

Retrieve & Reclaim the Indigenous skills of our ancestors

“We prepare in order to be ready We are ready because we have prepared”

An indoor and outdoor leadership preparedness camp and also a Survival Skills Training Camp, designed to get our participants to focus on being comfortable with adapting to the resources around them. FREEMAN Ancestral Survival Network has expert instructors who give various training on the essential survival skills in living a more indigenous way.  (What we call survival is the way Our Ancestors used to live.)  We learn to work with Mother Nature and not against her. Our Encampments promote many different principles; Self Determination, Teamwork, Problem Solving and many other activities directly tied to situational awareness, forecasting and the art of “leave no trace.”

Mission Statement:“In a changing world we must adapt or be left behind”, We must look back and relearn the indigenous ways of Our Ancestors.

Camp Registration

Come, join our next encampment, and learn indoor and outdoor Survival Training Skills.
Don’t let disaster catch you and your family unprepared. The Time to Prepare is Now